June 30, 2016

White Guilt Is False Guilt

Corporate repentance only makes sense if all the individuals in the group are actually guilty of the sin or sins in question. When denominations like the PCA and the SBC apologize for the racist actions of their long-dead forebears, it strikes me as nothing more than an exercise in self righteous virtue signaling.

I'm not sorry about slavery because I wasn't a slave holder. Don't expect an apology. Who would I even apologize to, anyway? All the former slaves are long dead as well. 

Institutional racism is a myth. Institutions are not moral agents. Institutions don't sin. It's the people within the institution who are guilty of sin, and those individuals must answer to God for their own sin

And don't expect an apology for the mistreatment of homosexuals either. I've never done that either. 

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