January 11, 2016

Review: Tough Questions about God and His Actions in the Old Testament by Walter Kaiser

Kaiser Jr., Walter C. Tough Questions about God and His Actions in the Old Testament (Kregel, 2015), 176 pp.

Christianity's critics are increasingly less likely to offer serious, rational objections to the existence of God or the accuracy of Scripture. Instead they are much more likely to make an emotional appeal, claiming that the God of Scripture is a homophobic/sexist/racist/genocidal tyrant. Frankly, I don't have much patience for that sort of nonsense. If the critics want to make an actual argument, I'm happy to respond, but if all they're capable of doing is pointing and shrieking, I'm not particularly interested in listening.

However, someone has to answer these objections, and in Tough Questions about God and His Actions in the Old Testament (henceforth TQ), author Walt Kaiser attempts to do just that. The book consists of ten chapters, each one answering a common question about the character and/or behavior of the God of the Bible. The book is short (under 200 pages) and well-written. Each chapter also contains discussion questions, making TQ an ideal choice for group study. 

Kaiser does an able job responding to these tough questions, though I doubt he'll convince many skeptics (since, as I've already mentioned, I believe these objections often have more to do with feelings than facts). I don't always agree with the approach he takes (I especially disagree with the egalitarianism of chapter 9). Others may not share my disagreements with the author, but for me personally, they are enough to dissuade me from widely recommending the book to other members of my church. However, those interested in apologetics and/or Old Testament studies should find TQ to be a welcome addition to their libraries. 

Recommended, but not without reservations.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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