December 30, 2015

How Pro-Life Is the GOP?

C. Jay Engel:
The abortion issue is one that GOP politicians use to manipulate people into supporting the party and putting hope in politics. Abortion is wrong. Period. Let no one doubt my position on this. But in my estimation, the GOP emphasizes this in such a way so as to leverage it to put their own into power. Not only was nothing done about abortion when the GOP had Congress and the Presidency during the Bush years, but it just so happens that so-called “pro-life” candidates are horrific on the war issue and have supported murderous crimes that are arguably just as evil as abortion. Moreover, supporting a politician “just because he is good on abortion” has led to all sorts of socialism that came directly from the GOP’s policies. Of course, we should never support a candidate who supports ending the life of unborn children; but we must always consider how a politician’s correct position on one issue can lead to the state gaining power overall as we continue to elect those who support the expansion of the state. (link)

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