November 19, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Three things happen every time there's a major terrorist attack: people die, governments lie, and you and I lose our freedoms (link).
  • When it comes to public policy, good intentions aren't enough (link).
  • Here's some more information about Seventh Day Adventism (link).
  • Only the free market can determine how many welders and/or philosophers we need (link).
  • There's a lot to dislike about Marco Rubio (link). 
  • Here's a critique of Ben Carson from a conservative perspective (link).
  • What's so bad about isolationism? (link)
  • Speaking of so-called isolationists, Rand Paul is finally starting to live up to his potential (link).
  • Mark Driscoll is back at it, and he's teaming up with Perry Noble and Steven Furtick (link). I've started calling this merry band of snake oil salesmen the unholy trinity.
  • Don't believe the rhetoric about military cuts (link). 
  • C. Jay Engel has some interesting thoughts on Christian ethics and self interest (link).
  • The first amendment is no longer politically correct (link).
  • Doug Wilson offers an excellent critique of PC culture (link).
  • Here's another problem with premillennialism (link).

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