November 12, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • To those (like Bill Gates) who want more government control over private industry, I say, "You first. Why don't you go ahead and put your money where your mouth is?" (link). 
  • I'm glad I gave up on comics before the social justice warriors took over. (link)
  • Despite the hyperbolic and inflammatory rhetoric, Quentin Tarantino has a point about police brutality (link).  
  • I'm bewildered by Karen Swallow Prior's position of influence within the Southern Baptist Convention (link).
  • Regarding Reformed Catholicity, I like the concept but not the terminology (link).
  • The proper libertarian approach to immigration isn't as straightforward as I first thought. Lew Rockwell makes the best libertarian case against immigration that I've seen, though I'm still not fully persuaded (link).
  • Compassion unmoored from Christian conceptions of justice and righteousness is a dangerous thing (link).
  • It is precisely because the state is not God that the state must answer to God (link).
  • You do not have a right not to be offended (link).
  • Aquinas, Van Til, and their followers believe that all talk of God must be analogical. Here's why they're wrong (link).
  • Quote of the Week: "Our government’s dedication to the misguided F-35 program pales in comparison to the emperor’s fascination with Death Stars." (link)

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