November 05, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Most of the problems with American government can be blamed on a violation of the constitution. Others can be blamed on the constitution itself (link).
  • Have the Social Justice Warriors finally reached the end of the rope? (link).
  • Speaking of SJWs, they've now turned their attention to destroying the works of Shakespeare in the name of political correctness (link).
  • This should really rile up the SJWs. Here's an article in defense of trophy hunting.
  • At what point can we start referring to Stephen Furtick as a cult leader? (link)
  • Is your spouse your best friend? For the sake of your marriage, I sure hope not (link).
  • What's so patriotic about wanting to send Americans to the other side of the globe to kill people who pose no direct threat to the American people? Nothing, that's what (link).
  • Jedi: good (link) or bad (link)? You decide.
  • The EU parliament just voted to give Ed Snowden asylum (link). Apparently, not all European politicians are fascists. 
  • "Social stability does not hinge on how many compulsory government programs exist, nor does it thrive off people living at the expense of other people." (link)
  • A tale of two Bushes (link). 
  • What makes self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders so different from the average Democrat? Not much, really (link).

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