November 10, 2015

Overcriminalization and Romans 13

John Whitehead:
Is it possible that you are a felon? Or at least a criminal of some sort? This is the reality that more and more Americans are grappling with in the face of government bureaucracy consumed with churning out laws, statutes, codes, and regulations that reinforce its power and value systems and those of the police state and its corporate allies. . . . we are all petty criminals, guilty of violating some minor law. [1]
Many Christians believe that Romans 13 teaches that Christians are morally obligated to obey all laws (unless they require disobediance to Scripture). If that's the case, Americans are in big trouble. Following every law in the burgeoning police state that is the U. S. is impossible due to the phenomenon of overcriminalization.

1. John W. Whitehead, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State (SelectBooks, 2013), pp. 175-176.

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