November 16, 2015

Do You Feel Safer Now?

The typical response by Western politicians to Islamic terrorism includes an increase in two things: domestic surveillance and foreign intervention. They are both immoral and ineffective.

The illegal mass surveillance programs of the U. S. (and its allies) represent a betrayal of both the citizenry and the ideals on which this nation was founded. Mass surveillance is worse than ineffective. Rather than make Americans safer from terrorists, it puts us increasingly at the mercy of our own corrupt government. 

Likewise, foreign intervention is part of the problem rather than the solution. It creates blowback. Apparently people don't like it when their home is bombed. Sometimes they fight back. Dropping even more bombs on them won't stop the home-grown wannabees from following in their footstops. And besides, domestic terrorism is a criminal issue. It belongs in the domain of the police and the FBI not the military and the CIA.  

Peter Hitchens:
After all, let us not forget that Islamist terror has grown in strength and reach, not diminished, since we embarked on our supposedly benevolent interventions in the Muslim world. The Iraq invasion, the Afghan intervention, the wild and brainless enthusiasm with which we greeted the disastrous ‘Arab Spring’, the supposedly humanitarian interference in Libya which turned it into a failed state, the aid and comfort we gave to the rebellion in Syria. Not only have these things failed to prevent terror. They have visited a violent chaos on the whole Muslim world, in which fanatical and grisly death cults thrive and prosper. . . . there is no mastermind sitting in a cave issuing orders . . . That is a James Bond fantasy. And it is also why these things would still be hard to prevent if we turned ourselves into a totalitarian state of surveillance, identity cards, perpetual searches of the innocent – like going through an airport, only all the time. . . . All we will achieve by adopting such methods is to make ourselves miserable without making ourselves safe. (link)

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