October 13, 2015

White Collar, Black Hat

I was watching a film recently when a thought occurred to me. If one's only exposure to Christianity was through pop culture, what conclusions would one draw?

Let's say that there is an alien race whose knowledge of the human race comes exclusively from Hollywood films. What would they think of Christians? They would almost certainly conclude that we are evil. Ignorant, nasty people in funny clothes.

Hollywood has become so brazen in it's disdain for believers that even ostensibly Christian films are little more than vehicles for anti-Christian ideology (e. g. Exodus: Gods and Kings and Noah).

Anytime I see a Catholic priest on screen, before I know anything else about the character, I know that he's no good. I know immediately that he's a hypocrite or a coward or a predator. It's like a Pavlovian response to the site of a clerical collar. Don't get me wrong. As a theologically-informed Protestant, I'm no fan of the Roman Catholic church or its priesthood. I doubt that either the filmmakers or most of their audience make that distinction, however. As far as they're concerned, we Christians are all cut from the same cloth.

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