October 22, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Foreign aid makes people feel good without actually doing any good (link). 
  • Huckabee asks, "How is legalized pot not the same as Kim Davis?" (link). Good question. I'd like to turn that around on him and ask him if he supports the federal government's unconstitutional war on drugs.  
  • The Feminazis are at it again (link). 
  • The existence of police brutality and corruption does not make it okay to attack cops (link). It's sad that someone needs to point out something so obvious.
  • Bob Murphy offers a more nuanced take on the typical libertarian "open border" immigration position (link). 
  • More Amillennial theology from Sam Storms (link, link).
  • Gary North offers a long winded explanation of the intellectual bankruptcy of the American conservative movement (link). 
  • Speaking of Gary North... (link)
  • The problem with "democratic" socialism? "State coercion against individuals, even with the blessing of a majority, is still state coercion" (link)
  • Russ Moore's social justice crusade continues. Did he seriously just lump pawn shops in with whores and leg-breakers? Yes. Yes, he did (link).
  • Rand Paul has a far better understanding of economics and monetary policy than any other current presidential candidate (link).
  • The Donald takes a page out of Ron Paul's book (link).

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