October 15, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Though I thoroughly enjoyed Charles Murray's latest, I think the criticisms in this review are on point. 
  • Those who dismiss the possibility of a conspiracy surrounding the JFK assassination are inexcusably ignorant. In addition to the recently declassified documents revealing a supposedly benign cover-up (link), even the House Select Committee on Assassinations (way back in 1978) concluded that there was a "probable conspiracy" (link).
  • Doesn't Putin know that only the U. S. is allowed to bomb the Middle East back into the Stone Age?! (link).  
  • Here's another example of why public schools are such a bad idea (link). 
  • The race for the GOP nomination has become the battle of the Billionaires (link, link). 
  • Ben Carson is right about gun control (link, link, link). 
  • Be careful what you think because here come the thought police (link).
  • It's helpful during this election season to realize that sometimes the biggest hawks are secretly quite skeptical of the foreign wars they so loudly defend in public (link). 
  • The transhumanists are wrong wrong wrong (link).
  • Sam Storms explains the two wills of God as they relate to evil (link).
  • Democrat Freeman Dyson says Obama and the other dems are wrong about climate change (link).
  • Douglas Groothuis offers some advice to Christian apologists (link).
  • John W. Whitehead: "What are we to tell our nation’s children about the role of police in their lives? Do you parrot the government line that police officers are community helpers who are to be trusted and obeyed at all times? Do you caution them to steer clear of a police officer, warning them that any interactions could have disastrous consequences? Or is there some happy medium between the two that, while being neither fairy tale nor horror story, can serve as a cautionary tale for young people who will encounter police at virtually every turn?" (link)
  • What exactly did the ancient Hebrews believe about cosmology? (link)

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