October 01, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • What's so bad about prison labor? (link
  • More nonsense from Russ Moore's ERLC (link). 
  • Russell Moore seems to be upset that not all Evangelicals share his political views/priorities (link).
  • Steve Hays has some helpful thoughts on the recent intramural debate among complementarians (link).
  • Chad Ellison: "There is a bit of fuss among scientists and philosophers regarding the possibility of producing an artificially intelligent being that is actually intelligent. It might seem pessimistic to say that human beings are not even close to being able to manufacture genuine intelligence, but that is my thesis." (link)
  • NASA's recent announcement (link) sounds like the prelude to another multi-billion dollar boondoggle. 
  • Ben Carson seems to have a bit of a libertarian streak (link). I like it.
  • Donald Trump's tax plan isn't perfect (it is a tax plan, after all), but it's not bad (link, link).
  • Is the pope Catholic? Conservative Roman Catholic Andrew Napolitano isn't so sure (link).  
  • Whether or not the pope is Catholic is debatable, but there's no doubt that he's a Marxist (link, link).  
  • He's also an Antichrist (link).
  • Even an Antichrist gets one right occasionally, though (link). 

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