September 17, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Gary DeMar points out some problems with public schooling (link). 
  • The Pope is wrong about so many things. Add fossil fuels to the list (link). 
  • Laurence Vance finds some interesting evidence that the U. S. is actually a totalitarian dictatorship (link).
  • If the so-called conservatives in the GOP really want smaller government and less spending, then why aren't they calling for the complete de-funding of NASA, which is nothing more than a government make-work program? (link)
  • Immigration is not the problem. The welfare state is (link). 
  • Your share of the pie may be smaller, but does it really matter if the pie itself is bigger? (link
  • Transhumanists want immortality for themselves and . . . death for the rest of us? (link)
  • The case for cessationism (link)
  • Calvinism vs. Reformed Molinism debate (link
  • Rand Paul seems to have squandered most of his political capital (link). 
  • A little over a month ago I predicted Marco Rubio would be the eventual Republican candidate. It's still early, but it seems I was almost certainly wrong (link). 
  • I've been predicting Joe Biden as the eventual Democratic nominee for weeks now. I feel more confident about that one. We'll see.
  • King Kong vs. Godzilla?! KING. KONG. VERSUS. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)
  • James Bond is a socialist?! (link)
  • More demagoguing and warmongering from Ted Cruz (link).
  • Are GCHQ really trying to help Brits keep their data secure? Or are they trying to make it easier to spy on them? (link)
  • I realize that the amount of political content on the blog has increased over the last two months or so. I write about what interests me. I have a variety of interests. Lately I've had politics on my mind. This may continue for a while. Or it may change tomorrow. I write mainly for my own amusement, so I make no apologies one way or the other.

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