September 03, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • The other GOP presidential candidates now seem to be competing with Donald Trump to see who can be the biggest demagogue. Case in point: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (link).
  • Ron Paul calls Donald Trump a dangerous authoritarian (link). Trump's a real wild card. There are some obvious and definite downsides to a Trump presidency. On the other hand, a Washington outsider like Trump in the White House is an intriging prospect. This is Trump's one real upside compared to the other candidates. 
  • More on the Hugo awards and the left's war on common sense. Robert Tracinski writes, "The only way [the left] can win is to make everyone else lose." (link)
  • Christian philosopher Douglas Groothuis explains the moral case against minimum wage laws: "The minimum wage represents a breach in the social contract as one party (employee) enlists the help of a bully with a big stick (the government) to force the other party (employer) to accept their terms (higher wages). This means that employers are being compelled against their will to abide by a labor contract they don’t agree with." (link)
  • It seems most Christians are either liberal pacifists or neo-conservative warmongers. Principled advocates of defensive and limited warfare are few and far between. Historian Thomas Kidd reflects on this phenomenon in his article Why Aren't Calvinists Pacifists? (link).
  • Rand Paul is the only presidential candidate speaking out against the NSA's unconstitutional and immoral domestic surveillance program (link).
  • The Calvinist and neo-traditionalist (i. e. Arminian/Semi-Pelagian) wings of the SBC are starting to come together in opposition to the Cooperative Program (link).
  • Grant Phillips explains crony capitalism (link). Don't blame the free market. Blame big government.
  • Joe Carter asks why Black and Hispanic Evangelicals are more likely to believe the Prosperity Gospel (link). The data may be clear, but the answer isn't. 
  • Apparently, the majority of divorces are initiated by women. Wintery Knight offers a few thoughts (link). 
  • Bernie Sanders claims to be a socialist. He's actually more of a fascist, technically speaking (link). Either way, he's bad news. 
  • Capitalism is responsible for economic inequality, but not in the way you think. It decreases inequality within the nations that adopt it, while inequality between capitalistic and non-capitalistic nations increases (link).

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