September 08, 2015

The Law Is Force

Douglas Wilson:
When crowds are calling for sacrifice, you can depend upon it: they are looking for the sacrifice of somebody else. Get in the right position early, man.

This is why, for Christians, all coercion is such a big deal. Simple coercion, absent direct instruction from Scripture, is a big sin; manipulative coercion, absent clear instruction from Scripture, is also a big sin. . . . But the carnal heart turns naturally to making other people do things. This is why we must see the levy, or the referendum, or the law, or the conscription, or whatever it is, and follow it all the way out to the end of the process. When you don't do what they say, men with guns show up at your house. Now this is quite proper when it is the house of a murderer or a rapist of an IRS man from Cincinnati. But suppose it is just a regular guy trying to make a living who had a duck land in a puddle enough times for his land to be declared a wetland? They still show up with guns. [1]

1. Wilson, Douglas. Writers to Read: Nine Names That Belong on Your Bookshelf (Crossway, 2015), pp. 22-23.

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