September 01, 2015

The False Gospel of Collectivism

Edmund Opitz:
Collectivism, in its many varieties, is the great secular faith of our time. It is a faith in the efficacy of political action to accomplish social ends far beyond the capacity of uncoerced men and women in voluntary action. At one end of the scale it is a deification of Caesar; at the other it is a cynical, crafty means used by some to subject others to their will. In the modern world men have been found willing to suffer and die for this false faith. But for each willing martyr, hundreds have perished as unwilling victims of the political manias of our time, raw material for the political experiments of other people.
Many men are collectivists without being aware of it because collectivism seems to be taken into one's pores from the ideological fog of our times. Most men argue only about the degree of collectivism they are willing to embrace, few are willing to eject every trace of it from their own thinking. Opposition to collectivism starts only when it dawns upon an individual that he has enough trouble running his own life and being a steward of his own energy, and that he has no mandate from society or from God to run another's life against that person's will. Men are creatures of God, not creatures of other men. [1]

1. Opitz, Edmund. The Libertarian Theology of Freedom (Hallberg, 1999), pp. 102-103.

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