August 27, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Stephen Colbert. Friend or foe? (link)
  • Here's some grist for the conspiracy mill: Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are both descended from the same royal bloodline (link). 
  • Weird stuff (link). Is this part of a pagan ritual or something?
  • You know you're living in a police state when conservatives start calling for police reform (link).
  • And on that note, here's William Norman Grigg: "Committing aggressive violence is the priestly prerogative of the police officer. Protecting one's self or a loved one from such violence is an impermissible sacrilege." (link)
  • How conservative is Carly Fiorina? (link)
  • The five points of . . . Amillennialism?! (link)
  • Joel McDurmon: "I am perfectly fine if people hold a different eschatology than me. Let's have a good discussion and debate! But the moment any Christian tries to trump the authority of Scripture with anything, especially some version of 'God told me so,' they have left the realm of Christian discussion and entered the realms of humanism or occultism." (link)
  • The abortion debate isn't really about when life begins. Science settled that debate a while back (link). The real question isn't "When does life begin?" but "Is human life intrinsically valuable?" Put in those terms, the answer should be obvious.

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