August 20, 2015

Various and Sundry

  • Does Tom Ascol realize how incredibly damaging Trump's immigration plan is? It doesn't seem like it (link). Trump's immigration plan is nonsense which, if implemented, will hurt the economy and cause a massive ramp-up of the police state (link, link, link, link, link)
  • How should biblical manhood and womanhood look in the workplace? Should women serve as police officers? John Piper answers (link). Aimee Byrd responds (link). 
  • I like Ben Carson less every time he speaks. He's not consistently pro-life (link). This is unfortunate, since that's about all he had going for him. Are conservative Evangelicals actually listening to this guy? Or do they simply blindly follow anyone who claims to be one of their own?
  • Why do intellectuals hate capitalism? (link)
  • Who is responsible for the GOP's lurch to the left? Rich guys who make a hobby of buying and selling politicians (link).
  • What does it mean for a woman to respect a man? (link)
  • So-called progressives are actually pro-slavery: "I constantly see the left demand 'free' stuff be provided to everyone at the expense of everyone else. Underlying their demands is a serious moral contention worth discussing. In essence, they would coerce a producer into service and compel other people to pay the costs." (link
  • Brian Jacobson: "Hillary is a war criminal just like her husband, but don’t hold your breath for her being prosecuted . . . Hillary Clinton has never met a war she didn’t like. That the Democrats have voted for every one of Obama’s and Bush’s failed wars and interventions. That this was Hillary’s war in Libya and everyone on that GOP stage supported Obama and Hillary." (link)
  • Cal Beisner explains Clarkian apologetics and contrasts it with Van Tillian presuppositionalism (link).

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