August 09, 2015

The Southern Baptist Socialist

Who's the old white guy railing against income inequality? Is it self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders? Or Republican presidential candidate (and Southern Baptist minister) Mike Huckabee?

It's actually both. In this case, though, I'm referring to Huckabee (link) who is starting to sound an awful lot like the Bern. I'm not surprised. Those of us who've been paying attention already knew that Huckabee is no friend of economic liberty (link).

I also feel the need to point out that income inequality is not necessarily a bad thing (link). Anyone who disagrees is either A) a Marxist, or B) ignorant of the basic principles of economics (or possibly both) because income inequality is actually "an essential feature of the market economy" (link).

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  1. For all the nitpickers out there, I understand that socialism, strictly defined, involves government ownership of the means of production. However, when the state regulates and taxes business to the point where it effectively controls it, the result is essentially the same. So, is Huckabee actually a socialist? No, not strictly speaking. He's an interventionist or economic fascist. However, in practice, interventionism is a mild form of socialism and has many of the same results.

    As far as principled advocates of the free market are concerned, any government intervention in the economy is unjustified and is a slippery slope on the road to socialism.


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