August 26, 2015

The Hugo Awards: A Political Parable

The Hugo Awards, for those who are unaware, are the equivalent of the Oscars for science fiction and fantasy literature. Like the actual Oscars, the winners are often chosen for political reasons regardless of quality. Some voters, by their own admission, actually vote based on the politics of the authors irrespective of the messages presented in the works themselves. In reaction to this phenomenon, a conservative coalition (calling themselves the sad puppies) has formed to fight back against the social-justice warriors in order to award works based on quality rather than political correctness. You can read about all this in more detail here and here.

My primary interest in the story of the sad puppies vs. the social-justice warriors is how closely it parallels the current political scene in America. Progressives have seized the reigns of power and are now punishing those who disagree with them. Reactionary conservatives are trying desperately to retake their seat at the head of the table. Libertarians? They just want to be left alone (link).

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