August 26, 2015

How Should We Then Vote?

What if there were a political party that represented Christian ethics and values? Let's call it the Biblical Party.

Many Christians believe that one of the two dominant political parties does (more or less) represent Christian ethics and values. Many conservative Evangelicals believe that the Republican party fits the bill. Those on the Evangelical Left often believe that the Democrats represent true Christian morality.

If pressed, though, I imagine many of these voters would admit that there is a smaller political party which more closely represents the ideal of the Biblical Party. For conservatives it might be the Constitution Party or the Prohibition Party (yes, it still exists). For progressives it might be the Green Party or the Socialist Workers Party. Yet, they don't vote for the BP (whichever party it might be). They continue to vote for one of the big two.

How different would the political landscape be if all Christians voted for the BP? Would it be enough to end the reign of terror being perpetrated by the two wings of the establishment (namely the Dems and the GOP)?

What if not just Christians but everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, voted his conscience? Surely that would be enough to end the two-party system. Although I don't think most of these third-party candidates would be good for America, I can think of several good things that might come from an end to the current duopoly.

Short term, this strategy would be political suicide. It might have long-term potential, though.

For me personally, I think I'm done voting for the lesser of two evils. One vote among millions doesn't really matter anyway,* so I might as well vote for the BP.

*Particularly in a state with two electoral votes where a Republican win is a foregone conclusion.

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