August 08, 2015

Even When Bernie Sanders Agrees with Conservatives, He's Still Wrong

When Jack Butler of The Federalist notices that self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders agrees with the GOP on a few issues, he concludes that Sanders must not be that bad (link).

I draw the opposite conclusion. When I notice that the GOP's neoconservative establishment agrees with an avowed Socialist, I conclude that they are that bad.

Here's a good explanation of why Bernie and the neocons are wrong on immigration: Bernie, the Koch Brothers, and Open Borders | Mises Institute

Here's another critique of Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders is Wrong About Everything | The Modern Libertarian

And here's a good website which makes the case for open borders: Open Borders: The Case

My position on immigration boils down to this: I'm not in favor of guys with guns drawing an imaginary line in the sand and telling people they can live on one side and not the other.

That sounds pretty radical, and it is, but it is the consistent libertarian position and (more importantly) it is one that I believe is consistent with Christian ethics. Opponents of immigration should also remember that the U. S. had (more or less) open borders for most of its history and it didn't turn into the hellish, third-world nightmare that neoconservatives seem to fear. And for those who believe immigrants will bankrupt the country by taking advantage of entitlement programs (as if natural born citizens need any help on that front), there's a simple solution to that problem: end entitlement programs. Yes, that's another radical position, but, again, it is the consistent libertarian position, and it too, i would argue, is consistent with Christian ethics. Is any of this realistic? Of course not, but no one ever accused me of being a pragmatist. In the words of Charles Murray, "I'm a libertarian. I don't do solutions."

P. S. Oh, and for the record, I actually think Bernie Sanders, as terrible as he is (on immigration as well as a host of other issues), is the best candidate the Democratic Party has by a wide margin. Yeah, the Dems are that bad.

P. P. S. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. His position on immigration means that he is also a nationalist. Now, I'm not calling the Bern a Nazi, but can anyone tell me what the word Nazi actually means? You guessed it. Nazism is short for national socialism.

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