August 19, 2015

Democrats and Socialists and Republicans, Oh My!

Mitchell Blatt points out that the Democrats are having a hard time distinguishing themselves from self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders (link).

Libertarians like Laurence Vance (and yours truly) have a hard time distinguishing the GOP establishment from self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders (link).

What's the point? The differences between the two parties are more rhetoric than reality.

A vote for the Democrats or the Republicans is a vote for the establishment. It's a vote for the status quo. It's a vote for business as usual. The only solution is to start voting for independent or third-party candidates (no, not Donald Trump whose only advantage over the establishment candidates is that he speaks his mind and doesn't care about political correctness) and to keep doing it until it's seen as a viable option by the electorate at large.

Unfortunately, while this strategy has long-term potential, it could be disastrous in the short term. How so? Here's the thing: even though both parties are terrible, one party is clearly worse than the other. The GOP is bad. The Dems are worse. While all of us independent, anti-establishment types are busy working to end the two-party bottleneck, we'll be doing nothing to stop the worst of the worst from holding on to the reigns of power in the short term.

What's the answer? I don't know. I'm not sure there is one.

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