August 29, 2015

Christian Fascists of the World, Unite!

Looks like someone read my previous post on the Biblical Party (link). But in all seriousness, the platform of this so-called Christian Party (link) is tyrannical and socialistic. Here are a few of the most egregious examples (along with my commentary in italics):

  • The costs of medical services and pharmaceuticals will be reviewed. These will be offered at a fair price without excessive profit for the providers. Mr. Trigg seems to be under the impression that he is running for emperor rather than president. This explains why he's created his own party rather than join the Constitution Party—he doesn't care about the constitution. 
  • The income and other compensation,  received by the managers and officers of public - traded corporations will be limited to $300,000 per year. Why? Because those who make less are envious? Or because Darrell Trigg doesn't understand the basic principles of economics? Probably both.
  • The total budget for our school system will be increased. That'll fix it. Just throw more money at a broken and immoral system. That always works out well, Doesn't it?
  • No show or movie will be allowed on T.V. [sic] systems or computer systems accessible by homes that contain nudity, strong sexual content, excessive foul language, blasphemy, or any form of homosexuality. This would mean that an accurate film adaptation of Scripture would be outlawed. I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

Christian Party candidate Darrell Trigg needs to read my previous post critiquing socialism (link). Also, maybe he needs to give the New Testament another read, because, wherever he's finding a justification for his megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, it's sure not in there. 

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