April 20, 2015

Jesus Is Not Your Boyfriend!

I absolutely detest the song How He Loves. It's one of those "Jesus is my boyfriend" songs that Evangelicals seem to love so much. It's crass. It's worldly. It has no place in the worship of the local church.

Over at Pulpit & Pen, contributor Seth Dunn critiques this song and the whole disgusting trend that it represents.

McMilan’s hit song, which has been covered by seven professional performing artists and countless praise bands, includes the erotic lyric, “Heaven meets Earth like a sloppy wet kiss, and my heart turns violently inside of my chest.” This is clearly a poetic allusion to making out. . . . McMilan’s song uses such imagery poetically to refer to the love of God, but it . . . is not an appropriate song for church. Yet it is. It is also blared across the airwaves by Christian radio stations. It’s simply profane. God is described as an overwhelming hurricane who bends an unwilling lover to His will. (This is not the type of irresistible grace studied at the seminary.) The singer of this song, in corporate worship, takes on the effeminate position of a girl who gives up on resistance and lets her romantic pursuer reach second base.

Read the rest here.

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