March 07, 2015

Making the World Unsafe for Democracy

Steve Matthews:
An endless parade of American diplomats, military equipment, and of course, money flowed eastward, all which, we were told, were needed to make the world safe for democracy. But the funny thing was, no matter how much time money and effort was expended, the region never seemed very safe or very democratic. If someone did occasionally suggest, even mildly, that maybe, just maybe, the US should reconsider its activist foreign policy and perhaps at some future date possibly consider option of thinking about reducing our presence in this or that country or region, the poor fellow was immediately denounced and labeled with that most heinous of swear words – what really amounted to a scarlet letter for intellectual sinners. He was called the “I” word. He was dubbed an “isolationist.” And an isolationist was, by definition, someone so unstable, so untrustworthy, so obviously out of touch with reality that no serious person need pay him any attention whatsoever. . . . But is so-called isolationism really the foolishness the foreign policy establishment, the press, and much of the public say it is?
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