November 20, 2014

Who Watches the Watchmen? (#3)

Over at American Vision, there are a couple of recent posts dealing with police corruption. Give them a read if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Police departments boast about civil forfeiture abuse

"Passionate" hero cop turns out to be rabid gun-grabbing tyrant

Where Have All the Open Theists Gone?

From academia to the blogosphere, apparently.
Much has changed since members of ETS wrestled with open theism more than a decade ago. You will not find papers in defense of open theism being read in seminars at ETS today. Books are less likely to emerge from evangelical publishing houses to debate the merits or demerits of this theology over against the classical Christian view of God. Instead, open theism mainly finds its voice through more popular means. A quick internet search reveals numerous blogs written by pastors and laypersons espousing open theism. Open theism today makes its case not so much through books and refereed scholarly journals, but through the mostly unfiltered voice of the blogosphere.
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November 10, 2014

BOLO: Upcoming Books in 2015

There are quite a few promising looking titles coming in 2015. Be on lookout for the following:

November 04, 2014

Are Pentecostals Evangelical?

The nature of evangelicalism (that is, what evangelicalism is and who the true evangelicals are) is a hotly contested issue.

In this post on ex-evangelical David Gushee's recent affirmation of homosexual behavior, Denny Burk defines an evangelical as one who "believe[s] that the Bible is the norm that is not normed by any other norm."

This prompted me to wonder, "Are Pentecostals and other charismatics truly evangelical?" For many within the movement, experience trumps Scripture. If Burk is right, then a significant portion of the charismatic movement has been ruled outside the bounds of evangelical orthodoxy. 

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