August 22, 2014

Ronald Nash on Disagreeing Agreeably

Ronald Nash:
. . . it would be a mistake to think that increasing Christian unity requires that Christians stop disagreeing with one another. Just because people disagree doesn't mean they cannot work together in love. . . . Anyone who seriously advances something like this as the grounds for ending Christian disunity just isn't being realistic. The fact that we disagree is not what is causing tension within the church; the way we disagree is the source of most of our problems. . . . relinquishing the beliefs that divide us is not a necessary condition for loving fellowship and cooperation in the gospel. . . . All of us are sinful creatures, and one persistent sign of that is our reluctance to admit our past mistakes. Perhaps a bit more self-honesty would lead us to admit that some of our convictions on these issues don't come from God's Word after all but are things we've picked up from our surrounding culture and are now reading into Scripture. [1]

1. Ronald Nash, Great Divides: Understanding the Controversies That Come Between Christians (NavPress, 1993), pp. 151-152.

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