August 22, 2014

Are Non-Dispensationalists Anti-Semitic?

Ronald Nash:
I do not believe that the Bible teaches that there is a special place in God's end-time plans for the nation of Israel. But I strongly support the right of Jews to exist in peace as a nation. I hold this belief in the same way that I believe the nation of Kuwait has a right to exist free from aggression from a nation like Iraq. I do not believe that the Bible teaches there is any special place in God's prophetic plans for Brazil. But it hardly follows that I or anyone else could reasonably infer that Brazil has no right to exist or that citizens of Brazil can become fair game for any aggressor nation. The absence of any nation-state in God's prophetic plans has nothing to do with the right of that nation to exist or the right of its citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [1]

1. Ronald Nash, Great Divides: Understanding the Controversies That Come Between Christians (NavPress, 1993), pp. 166-167.

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