July 14, 2014

Spurgeon's Warrior Children or Why Can't We Calvinistic Baptists All Just Get Along?

Jim Newheiser has recently posted his thoughts on the Holding Communion Together controversy (though he doesn't mention the book or any names, it's fairly obvious what he's alluding to).

I recently saw a photo, taken at a conference about forty years ago, of a large group of well-known Baptist leaders who were reformed/Calvinistic in their soteriology. It warmed my heart to see all of these dear men living in harmony together.  Accompanying the photo was the history of Calvinistic Baptists over the past four decades.  Sadly the story of our movement has been one of division and personal acrimony.  As I read each section, it was as if the authors were taking a pair of scissors to cut out a few more faces from the photograph until the few who share their perspective on the various battles were the only ones remaining.
. . . 
I also am disturbed by the fact that some have tended to view their fellow Calvinistic Baptists with whom they have differences as rivals or even enemies.  I fear that some expend so much time and energy disputing with those with whom they agree on the essentials that they have few resources left for positive ministry. Our cause is not our association or our confession. Our cause is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Amen, brother. 

You can read the rest here.

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