June 09, 2014

The Sinner's Prayer for Muslims

Over at Reformation 21, William Schweitzer critiques Insider Movement proponent Carl Medearis:
Medearis relates the story of when he and a friend witnessed to a Saudi princess. At some point the princess asks, "Are you trying to tell me I should convert to Christianity?" Medearis quickly reassures her that they wish nothing of the sort: "'No, we're not.' I held up my hand for a moment." So if not converting to the Christian faith (which would seem to be what missionaries are there for), what does Medearis want the princess to do?  

"You spoke to us about hope, about significance, about meaning. If you can find these things with Allah, in this kingdom, would you not be the truest form of Muslim? Would you not be truly submitted to God?' (95) Intrigued, the princess asks, "How can I have this kingdom?" Medearis continues, "Allah sent a prophet. The Qur'an tells us he is the word of God, that he is a spirit from God and sits close to God. His name is Isa, and he is near to God now..... The first thing Isa preached was that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. I believe that to be truly submitted to Allah is to be with him in spirit, in his kingdom, and I believe that Isa can open that door for you because he is near to Allah." (96)  Although the princess prays to receive this kingdom, Christian baptism and church membership are not mentioned. 
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HT: Todd Pruitt

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