March 10, 2014

Some Clear Thinking on the Caner Controversy

Those calling on the Southern Baptist Convention to take action in the Caner Controversy simply don't understand the nature of the convention. Outside of a few centralized institutions which are directly funded by the convention's cooperative program (the ERLC, the seminaries, the mission boards, etc.) the SBC is a completely voluntary association with absolutely no official power over the churches or individuals who choose to participate. It is up to the individual churches, conventions, associations, schools, etc. that are affiliated with the convention to police their own. The fact that a few institutions have failed to do just that in the case of Ergun Caner in no way reflects on the SBC as a whole.
It seems obvious, but the SBC is not an individual. Moreover, the SBC is far from monolithic. (Perhaps that’s why the SBC does have so many problems?) The organizations and churches and people within the SBC vary concerning doctrine and practice. They vary in their opinions about Caner as well. When people call upon the “SBC” to act, it’s not clear what entities or individuals within the SBC they mean . . .
Read the rest here: The Caner Controversy and the SBC | POUSTO

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