February 03, 2014

Another Postmodern Apostate

Another one bites the dust. It seems that Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz fame) is the latest of the emergent crowd to reject the bride of Christ in the name of following Christ. Is anyone really surprised by this? Whenever I've read Miller's writings on the church he's always come across more like a wolf than one of Christ's sheep.

Denny Burk has this to say:
Gathering with God’s people like this isn’t an optional add-on to following Christ. It is part and parcel of being and disciple. To neglect this is to deny the faith altogether. . . .
In other words, faithfulness to Christ is not defined by personal piety alone. It is defined in part by persevering in and among God’s people in the church. To walk away from the church is to walk away from Christ. [Read the rest here.]
And make no mistake, that is exactly what Miller has done. He has rejected Christ. I pray for Donald Miller's repentance. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Miller truly came to Christ and then repudiated all those terrible books he's written?

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