January 04, 2014

On Michael Brown's Astounding Lack of Discernment

In light of recent news (see here and here), this earlier post now seems prophetic.

A few thoughts:

No one familiar with the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement should be surprised by this. The sort of dangerous naivete that Brown is displaying by endorsing Hinn (and make no mistake, regardless of Brown's intentions, this is most definitely an endorsement) is practically one of the distinctives of the movement (akin to "speaking in tongues" or the like) at this point.

Brown would be inconsistent to condemn Hinn (and other false teachers like him) because he doesn't have a theological leg to stand on. Brown's theological convictions regarding continuing revelation mean that he must necessarily be open to all manner of foolishness. He simply cannot offer a principled objection to Hinn's "ministry."

And finally, despite Brown's claims to the contrary, there's just no way he doesn't know enough about Benny Hinn to have an informed opinion. Hinn is one of the most notorious figures in all of Christendom (not just among Charismatics). I have no reason to doubt Brown's claim that he doesn't "monitor" Benny Hinn, but one doesn't have to keep an eye on Hinn's every move to know that he is an unrepentant, unregenerate, snake-oil salesman. It seems that Brown is simply making excuses to deflect (legitimate) criticism.

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