November 14, 2013

Review: God in Our Midst by Daniel Hyde

Hyde, Daniel R. God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle & Our Relationship with God (Reformation Trust, 2012), 272 pp.

God in Our Midst is pastor Daniel Hyde's commentary on the tabernacle passages in the book of Exodus. It is not, however, a typical Old Testament commentary. How is it different? What makes GIOM such a wonderful and unique commentary is that each chapter not only exalts Christ but is rich with application for the New Covenant believer.

In the introduction, Hyde familiarizes the reader with the tabernacle and places it within the broader storyline of the book of Exodus and of Scripture as a whole. He contrasts his hermeneutical method with the allegorizing of early church history and emphasizes the importance of following the lead of the New Testament in interpreting the Old. Hyde then offers a biblical theology of the presence of God, showing how the tabernacle fits into this larger theme.

Chapters 1-17 each offer a short exposition of a section of the tabernacle narrative. These chapters, which have apparently been reworked from a series of sermons, make up the heart of the book. They are theologically rich despite their brevity and the fact that they are written at the popular level.

Finally, there is an appendix on preaching from the Old Testament that is worth the price of the book.

The only criticism I could level against GOIM is that it will need to be supplemented by a more in-depth, academic-level commentary. However, this is to criticize this book for not doing something it was not intended to do. With its short chapters full of pastoral wisdom and practical application, GOIM often feels more like a devotional than a true commentary. While it will be useful for preachers and teachers, it can (and should) be read by all sorts of believers.

While GIOM should not be one's only commentary on Exodus (especially considering that it doesn't cover the whole book), it will make a useful addition to the library of any expositor. Recommended for all those who preach or teach the Bible.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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