August 08, 2013

Responding to the Hebrew Roots Movement

There is a surprising scarcity of available resources on the Hebrew Roots Movement (also called "Sacred Name" theology). Those in this movement believe that the church has been infiltrated by paganism and needs to get back to it's Jewish roots. The problem is that these supposedly pagan beliefs and practices include such benign traditions as celebrating Christmas and Easter as well as common-sense matters like referring to Christ as Jesus instead of Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus). Most seriously, some in this movement even go so far as to deny cardinal doctrines of the faith, doctrines like salvation by grace alone through faith alone and the triune nature of God.

I've encountered believers who've been influenced by this nonsense, so I see a definite need for a biblical response. Unfortunately, many of the resources I've come across are written by other religious nuts and borderline heretics.

This interview, however, is an exception. Check it out here.

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