July 30, 2013

Must We Do the Lord's Work in the Lord's Way?

A friend recently posted this on facebook:
Attractional vs missional is a false dichotomy. When a church is driven by the purposes God has given it, you can use any tool short of sin. We can do both come-and-see and go-and-tell. Both are Biblical.
This statement is so typical of most contemporary Evangelicals that I thought it might be helpful to push back a bit. I want to expose some of the unbiblical assumptions behind this statement (and others like it).

July 19, 2013

BOLO - Systematic Theology by John Frame

Be on lookout for John Frame's new Systematic Theology.

I've enjoyed everything I've ever read from Frame. I've found him to be one of the most interesting and insightful of the current crop of Reformed philosopher/theologians. I didn't think he'd ever write a true systematics text (he's already written an introductory level overview of systematic theology, Salvation Belongs to the Lord, as well as the four-volume theology of Lordship series covering theological prolegomena, theology proper, bibliology, and ethics), but it's finally happened.

The full title is Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief. You can preorder it here:


This should be a good one. It's out in November from P&R.

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July 05, 2013

Review: Chivalry by Zach Hunter

Zach Hunter. Chivalry: The Quest for a Personal Code of Honor in an Unjust World (Tyndale, 2013), 240 pp.
In Chivalry, author Zach Hunter presents ten ethical principles (the titular “code of honor”) which he hopes will result “in a code of personal justice that —if we live it out today—will transform us.”

Rather than focusing on a list of do's and don'ts, Hunter attempts to present a positive ethic based on the pursuit of virtue. He offers helpful discussions about the moral law (pp. 138-141), the necessity of a transformed life (pp. 40-41), and the insidiousness of pride (pp. 48-49). So, the book is not without its merits.

Unfortunately, though, the bad outweighs the good. I won’t nitpick (though there are several smaller issues I could address), because, unfortunately, the problems with Chivalry are deep and pervasive.

July 02, 2013

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