January 17, 2013


Lots of good books coming out soon. These are just a few. Be on lookout for:

The new one from J. D. Greear called Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart. It's out next month (though I've already seen it on the shelves in LifeWay). Here's the description from the publisher:

January 11, 2013

Why Did God Save You?

Why did God save you? Whenever I ask someone this question, the answer is inevitably something like "because God loves me." It's true that God saves his people out of his love for them, but this answer is insufficient because we're then left with another question: Why does God set his saving love on his people? What is the purpose of salvation? Kevin DeYoung is helpful here:

January 05, 2013

The Postmodern Prosperity Gospel

Has the Evangelical emphasis on a personal relationship with Christ turned sour? Jonathan Leeman thinks so. What used to be a biblical emphasis on the necessity of conversion has now turned (in many cases) into a culturally accomodated emphasis on "having a relationship with Jesus." Here's what Leeman has to say:

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